Taking Charge of Your Happiness


I have recently become the sounding board for my 18 year old high school sister. I am sure that you can imagine the kind of the things she has to vent to me about.ย ๐Ÿ˜….ย The other day my mom was listening to her complain about everyday life. So she reminded her of something that I used to do in high school. Everyday I would make a list called my “good list”. And I would carry that list around with me all day and write down anything that happened that day. Some things were small like treating myself at lunch. While others were bigger like the day I signed to play soccer in college. It really stuck with me that my mom remembered me doing that and honestly I don’t know why I ever stopped. Writing down the everyday good things in your life can really improve your overall happiness.

Like my sister, I tend to get caught up in the “bad” from my days. And it is so easy to dwell on something, no matter how small. But I would rather get caught up in the GOOD throughout my day. I want to get back to focusing on the small things that happen in life. You really notice a change in your attitude when you start to acknowledge that life isn’t all bad and even the smallest things in your day can be a good thing. I have also noticed that if you document the good things that happen during your day as SOON as they happen, you’re more likely to remember them.

My Good List

Some of the good things from my day today were: I didn’t have to wake up at 7 AM to take my sister to school, I got a sweet tea from the Chickfila (haven’t had sweet tea in a few weeks), I met the actress who plays Debra Morgan in Dexter today (she also does “Tina the talking tummy” in White Chicks! ๐Ÿ˜‚), the baby I nanny napped the whole time through me locking my keys in my car and waiting for AAA to arrive, I got called back for a second interview at a nice job that I really want, I went and visited the Uptown library today.

That is usually how my lists go, super random with some really small things and some larger happier things! I challenge you to start creating your own “Good Lists”. No matter how silly you feel writing some of these things down, I promise you will notice an attitude change. Its so great to me how starting to notice the good things in life can make you feel so much happier! Another tip that I have to help improve your overall happiness is by practicing patience. I wrote a blog post about that and you can read it here.

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