Honeymoon Travel Guide: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Right after our “Best Day Ever” came the best week ever! The day after our wedding, we hopped on a plane and headed to the Dominican Republic to spend an amazing, sunny week in Punta Cana. I have always loved to travel and our honeymoon made that bug even stronger. We stayed at the All-Inclusive five-star Majestic resort named the Majestic Mirage. Its the newest of a grouping of resorts all owned by Majestic Resorts. And it. is. BEAUTIFUL.Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana        Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana

 Our Room

We stayed in a Sky View Suite, which are suites recommended for Honeymooners and couples on Anniversary trips. These rooms are on the top floor and have a staircase inside the room. The staircase leads up to its own private roof top terrace that includes a Bali bed and a Jacuzzi. We stayed in the adults only section of the resort, called the Mirage Club, that included a private beach and private pools with swim up bars.

Our room included access to our very own butler who was there for us all week with whatever we needed. For the first half of the week our butler was Gonzalez and he helped us make reservations at the different restaurants in the resort. He also would include special honeymoon perks like rose petals on our bed and Champagne waiting for us when we came back. Gonzalez also organized a “romantic dinner on the beach” for us one night. It was delicious! The second half of our week our butler, named Ramon, was equally as helpful.

 Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana
What To Do

Everyday of our honeymoon, Bennett and I pretty much stuck to the same schedule. We would wakeup, eat breakfast, go to the beach for the first half of the day, then head to the pool from about 3-6 PM. It was the most relaxing week and we didn’t have a care in the world. The beach was amazing, and beautiful with clean white sand and clear blue waters. Lots of palm tree umbrellas or Bali beds to choose from and the entertainment crew was always on the beach doing games or skits to keep us entertained.

There were also butlers walking around making sure guests always had a drink in their hand or making sure we were kept happy. Bennett absolutely hates the ocean but somehow I was able to get him in the water to swim with me everyday. Maybe it was because the water was so clear 😉. Hanging out by the pool daily was incredible. There were the same umbrellas and Bali beds, and there were enough of them that there was always some available. All the pools included swim up bars for us to drink all the piña coladas we wanted 😜.

Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana

The Food

The food was so good. SO GOOD. And there was always an abundance of it. The first night we arrived, Bennett and I decided to eat in one of the buffet restaurants. We were like little kids in a candy shop. I can’t even list all of the different food stations that were included in the buffet but we both joke we each gained at least 10 pounds that week from eating. Along with buffet restaurants, theres also Italian, Japanese, French, and Steakhouse restaurants that you can make reservations for. Throughout the week we ate at all the restaurants and they were all good, EXCEPT for the French restaurant. Maybe we are just uncultured, Im not sure, however we both hated the food at that restaurant. So we left and ordered room service 😅. The Japanese restaurant and the Steakhouse were both faves of ours.

Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana

*ProTip: The local drink of Punta Cana is called Mamajuana and IT. IS. AWFUL. Its a drink consisting of red wine and at least 4 different liquors (I can’t remember which). And the Dominicans would joke that they have been drinking it since they were little. (They MAY not have been joking but I don’t really know). Everywhere we went the whole week we were pressured into taking shots of Mamajuana. I only gave in once and I regretted it as soon as I drank it haha. The myth is that if you drink it, you’ll get pregnant on your trip. Glad to say that didn’t happen to me! We almost brought a small bottle back home to get our brothers to try, but we decided to leave the Mamajuana back in the DR where it belongs.


Throughout the week, the resort had an entertainment crew. It was the same group of about 6 people who would be on the beach in the morning, the pool in the afternoon, and the courtyard or theater at night. They were responsible for organizing daily Zumba classes, dancing, foam parties, and all around just making us laugh.

Every night there was a different show in the theater. The best one by far was The Michael Jackson Experience. There was an actor who was made up to look exactly like Michael Jackson and his dancing was incredible. That was a favorite for a lot of guests that weeks and even some of the staff members told us that was their fave show too! There was a live band who played music nightly in the courtyard (before the shows). And the entertainment crew would go pick people in the crowd and get them to dance with them. Anytime someone would come up to me, I would gladly go dance with them. Bennett however was boring and wouldn’t go dance 😂.

Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana

What to Pack

Neither I, nor Bennett, had ever traveled out of the country before. So packing the week before was a little unnerving. All in all, I think I did a pretty good job packing for the week. However I did make a rookie mistake and forgot a hairbrush *eyeroll*. I spent the whole week with my tangled hair in a bun after I would shower. I did make sure to pack quite a few bathing suits, because you can never have too many when going somewhere tropical. Also, I packed a few dresses for nicer dinner reservations and some jeans, shorts, and casual shirts for  nights we would watch shows.

The best thing I remembered to pack was running shorts and t-shirts. There was at least one point everyday where I was wearing Nike short or a t-shirt. It was a relaxation vacation after all! The week before we left, I made a list that included every last thing I thought I would need and somehow I still forgot to bring a dumb hairbrush. I blame having a wedding the day before.

Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana

All Inclusive Perks

I have only been to one All-Inclusive trip and it has guaranteed that I will only travel like that from now on. Everything we ate, drank and did all week was included in what was paid for before we left. We did bring some cash to tip our butlers and different service members throughout the week, however that is not a requirement. The resort offered tons of excursions that we could have experienced however after over 6 months of wedding planning, I only wanted to relax that whole week. And I am so glad that we decided to go that route instead of leaving the resort everyday.

Maybe one day if we go back, we can try a few and I’ll let you know how they are 😉. Bennett was super apprehensive when we first arrived of what “all-inclusive” actually meant. It wasn’t until he went to front desk and confirmed that he had a $0 balance that he really started to enjoy the perks.

Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana

Snapchat Pics

Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana Travel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta CanaTravel Guide: Punta Cana

Travel Guide: Punta Cana
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Our honeymoon was the best trip I have ever been on. And I am so happy that I got to enjoy it with my husband. He has already become my favorite travel partner, and I CANT WAIT for plenty more trips with him. Bennett has always been quite a homebody and I was worried that by day 3 or so he would be ready to come home. It ended up being the opposite, by the end of the week he didn’t want to leave! He admitted that he thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would be excited to go somewhere else like the Majestic Mirage.

This was my first Travel Guide post and I hope to get the opportunity to write plenty more as I continue to travel and fill my passport with stamps! Let me know what you want to see from me in the future. I have a few more Wedding Wednesday posts coming and then I will be finished with that series. We’ll talk again soon!

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