Why I Started Blogging & How You Can Start Too

I have covered very briefly in this post my “why” for starting This Sassy Life however I have not yet gone into depth about it. As my Day 1 readers know, I began this blogging journey to keep all my projects together. I am a pretty creative person with my hand in everything from painting to makeup. Therefore I needed somewhere to keep all my thoughts organized. Starting This Sassy Life was a huge learning experience for me. I researched for weeks so I could make sure I did it right. As the end of this year draws near, I realized that I have had my own blog for around 5 months now. And I  also realize there are things I wish someone would have told me before I officially started.

Why I Blog

I knew that I wanted to write about fashion, art, DIY projects, makeup, lifestyle posts and maybe even baking posts. Honestly I have so many hobbies and I love to have my hand in anything creative. Most people can’t do that, but to me its so much fun! When I started This Sassy Life, I didn’t realize how much fun blogging would be! It really is my creative outlet to write about anything and everything that I chose to. How cool is that? I can plan blog posts out on my own time. I can write and personalize them all by myself. AND I can take my own photos and edit them however I like. The artistic freedom behind having your own blog is truly so satisfying for a creative person like myself.

sassafrass painting logo - why I started blogging

As I have mentioned before, I run my own small business, Sassafrass Paintings, as well as my own Youtube channel and Instagram page called Sisterhood of Beauty. Both of these “projects” are my way to continue growing my experience in these subjects as well as connecting with other people. I find so much joy in painting and creating home decor for people. Just as I find joy in experimenting with makeup looks and creating videos giving tutorials on different makeup products. The creative possibilities are honestly endless and I truly enjoy knowing that I am able to create something different every day. I love having this blog because it means that I am able to connect with other people all over and show them the things that I create. Or even teach them how to create something themselves.

A big perk to blogging that some may not know is that it can become a job. You can actually make money by blogging. SO cool right? While blogging has not yet become a full time job for, I do hope that one day in the (near) future, I can call This Sassy Life my full time job that provides me with a livable income. There are different ways for you to make money by blogging and I can explain that down below when I teach you how to create your own blog. But do keep in mind that money is not my main motivation for blogging. I have a passion and that passion is for creating. This blog is one of the most creative outlets I have access to and for that I am thankful.

How You Can Start Blogging

Find your Niche

Before you can find a domain or even write your first blog post, you must first consider what it is you want to blog about. Everyone has their own different interests (or 10 like me 😉) but you need to find what works for YOU. Maybe you enjoy cooking and want to start a food blog, or you love to educate people and want to start a How-To or DIY blog. Once you find your “niche” you will be amazed at how easily the rest will fall into place.

Use a Self-Hosting Website

There is a long time debate on whether or not you should self-host a website or not. And I am a HUGE advocate for self-hosting. With your own self-hosted website (like WordPress.org) you have SO much more creative freedom than if you were to use a non self-hosted site (like WordPress.com). Some of the logistics can be kind of confusing. However there are a few key points that will help defend my case.

When using a self hosted site, you have complete control over your website. You can put ads on it (to make money!!). You can personalize it (make it your own!). And, you own all of your own content. With a non self-hosting site, you are unable to have all of this freedom. You can’t personalize your site how you would like (unless you upgrade).Even if you decided to “upgrade” you are still limited to what you are able to do on your site. You also may not be able to add ads to your site, and while you may not consider making money off blogging now, you could want to in the future. To start self hosting your own blog, you need to find a hosting website.

I use Siteground and it is by far the BEST hosting site out there (in my opinion). Trust me, I have used 3 different hosting sites and this one has been the best overall. They are able to connect to your WordPress . org site as well as transfer everything over for you free of charge. Their customer service people are also available 24/7 via LiveChat which is a HUGE help. I once had a question at 4:30 in the morning (when I used to stay up all night researching blogs 🙃) and they were able to help! If you click here I can actually get you started with Siteground for only $3.95 a month to host your own site.

Create and Personalize your Website

After you get started with your hosting site, you are now able to personalize your self hosted blogging website. This is the fun part! If you self-hosted, you are able to start with a theme (I purchased mine on the WordPress market) and start personalizing your site. You can add pages, widgets, different colors and pictures. Its honestly so much fun to personalize your site and make it your own! I have worked with a graphic designer personally who was able to customize a few things for my site, however that is not something that is required or needed for you to have a beautiful website.

Start Blogging

Once you have all of the behind the scenes things taken care of, you can start blogging. Honestly I didn’t know how this would go for me at first, however once I started it was so much fun. Being able to come up with your own blog posts and pictures is really fun for me. I plan out posts in advance using a monthly calendar. Then I stick to that calendar as best as I can to produce quality content. When I am writing a post, I usually take photos before hand so I can just add them into the post quickly. And it usually doesn’t take that long for me to type up one of my posts. Once I am done, I hit Publish and start to share it across my social media pages. It really is a journey but definitely one thatI find is worth it.

If you have ever been interested in blogging, I hope this post makes things clearer for you so you can begin! I know that I needed some of these tips when I first started out. And I do hope that I can help someone find their creative side. Please let me know if you decide to start a blog, I would love to check it out! I am always looking for new blogs to read.

As a side note – it’s December and during this month, some bloggers participate in what is know as “blogmas”. Blogmas is basically where bloggers post a blog post every day for the month of December. I am really interested to try this and although it’s already December 4th, I am going to start today. I’ll see if I can keep it up for the rest of the month 🤗. So follow along with me this month and make sure to check out my blogmas posts every day!!

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