Wedding Wednesday – An Update

I have been asked a few times where I am in my wedding planning journey. And I figured I would make a post to update y’all! We are officially 136 days away from saying “I Do” and we have gotten quite a bit planned so far!


We have booked almost all of our vendors for the big day. Atleast the most important ones 😁 If you have been keeping up with my Wedding Wednesday series, I wrote a post all about the venue that you can read here. We have also booked our photographer, DJ, and caterer. The photos from my wedding day are probably the most important thing for me. So I wanted to make sure that the photographer we chose would deliver. I decided to go with Rebekah Cross at Gentle Capture Photography. I have known Rebekah since high school and I was good friends with her older sister. So I knew that she was a good choice from the start. I was totally sold once I saw her photography portfolio!

For our DJ, we had a good idea who we were going to go with. One of Bennett’s really good friends from college who we call Willy G started his own DJ business called Level Digital Music Entertainment. I was in a wedding that Will DJed at, so I knew that he does a good job. And because we know him personally, I know that we will get exactly what I want in a DJ for our reception.

Our caterer was recommended to us by Bennett’s cousin. I don’t know much about the caterer other than they are local, and they are making all the right food for our reception! You can find them on Facebook here.


Other than the vendors, I have started to gather decor items, picked out bridesmaid dresses, and booked our honeymoon to Punta Cana. AND my most favorite part, I got my own dress. 😍 I will admit that before I went wedding dress shopping, I was not all that excited because I had no idea what to expect. Last Saturday me, my mom, some of my bridal party, my grandmother, my future MIL, and a family friend went shopping. At first we went to a shop here in Charlotte called NY Bride and Groom and we had an AWFUL experience. You don’t have to make an appointment there so all of the associates are helping 5 different people at once and it is just chaos. I did try on quite a few dresses there, mostly in the style that I thought I wanted, and then we left.

Next I had an appointment at Poffie Girls in Gastonia and our experience there was excellent. And this time, I did have an appointment. So I arrived to Poffie Girls, checked in, and they assigned one associate to help me. At this point I didn’t know what style dress I wanted. Therefore, I let my associate, Vicki, know that I was okay with her picking any dresses that she thought would look good on me. I was willing to try anything on!

The first dress she brought me was the complete opposite of my style. It was also opposite of anything I thought I would want in a dress. But I tried it on anyways. I immediately fell in love but thought as soon as I walked out, no one else would like it. Right when I stepped out and showed everyone the dress, they immediately started gushing about how much they loved it. The more they went on and on about it, the more I realized that it was MY wedding dress. So shoutout to Vicki at Poffie Girls, you know exactly what you are doing and I appreciate you!

PS this is NOT my wedding dress!


Wedding Wednesday Posts

As soon as I got my dress, things started to feel a lot more real to me. There is still SO much left to do! But, I am so excited that things are falling into place. And even more excited that in 136 days, I get to marry Bennett. What other information do you want me to talk about in this Wedding Wednesday series? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Buena

    March 28, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    Would you be interrested in exchanging guest post about photography?

  2. Poffie Girls

    August 16, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Poffie Girls was so proud to be the place where you said YES to your dream dress! You were stunning!

    1. laneymcgarity

      September 4, 2018 at 9:30 pm

      Thank you so so much! Absolutely loved everything about my experience there 🙂

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