My Favorite Mascara’s – Drugstore, Highend, & Dupes

It’s no secret that I love all things makeup & beauty. One of my FAVORITE makeup products has got to be mascara. I was blessed with long eyelashes from the start (thanks Dad!). However, even on a “no makeup day” I will have mascara on to enhance my lashes. I am always getting asked what kind of mascara’s I use, so I wanted to give y’all a list of my top faves! I have included brands you can find in a drugstore, more expensive brands and two dupes. At the bottom, I have included a direct link for you to buy the mascara’s listed.

Drug Store Mascaras

Most girls who love makeup can tell you that they have used Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. To be under $5, this mascara has always been super reliable! The wand is a lot shorter than most wands, however this mascara lengthens like any high end brand it goes up against!

my favorite mascara my favorite mascara my favorite mascara

The next drugstore brand may actually be my favorite on this whole list. L’Oréal Double Extend Mascara is AMAZING. It is a double ended mascara wand, the white side being a “primer” and the other side is the mascara. When you use the white primer side first, it adds these tiny fibers to the ends of your lashes to make them longer. Then when you put the black side on, you can tell a huge difference in the length of your lashes. The wand seems to be a little longer than most wands but it doesn’t have any kind of curve to it. I swear by this product and I would use it over any high end brand, any day.

my favorite mascara my favorite mascara

Higher Priced Mascaras

The next two mascara’s on my list are definitely pricier, both at over $20 a tube, and not ones you can find in a drugstore. I just recently was introduced to the LANCÔME Monsieur Big Mascara and I really love it because it lengthens the lashes really nicely and the wand does a great job at spacing out your lashes and not clumping them up. If there is one thing I HATE, its clumpy lashes. So this product does the trick when I want my lashes to be lengthened and not clumpy at all.

my favorite mascara my favorite mascara my favorite mascara

The next higher priced mascara on my list is a very popular one that a lot of people swear by and that is Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. And this mascara is really great, which is why its on my list of favorites! The mascara does a really great job at lengthening, AND darkening my lashes. The only drawback with the wand is it tends to clump my lashes a little. However if I run a lash separator through my lashes afterwards then I’m good.

I do hear a lot of complaints about this mascara and it drying up too quickly. I’ve had that happen to me before where the tube will start to dry up before I am even halfway done. Make sure to never pump the mascara wand into the tube (that gets air inside the tube and dries out the mascara faster). Also, use contact solution and pour a few drops in the tube to stop the mascara from drying out.

my favorite mascara my favorite mascara my favorite mascara

Mascara Dupes

The dupes I have listed below are for the two higher end brand mascaras that I mentioned above. Maybelline’s Total Temptation Mascara is a great dupe for the LANCÔME Monsieur Big Mascara. The wand on the dupe mascara lengthens and separates the lashes just like the wand from the higher end brand. And the dupe is $20 cheaper so why wouldn’t you try it out??

my favorite mascaramy favorite mascaramy favorite mascara

The next one is almost an EXACT dupe and for much cheaper. L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise is just as good (in my opinion) as Too Faced Better Than Sex. From the packaging to the results, they’re the same. For someone who wants the results of BTS mascara but can’t afford it, the dupe is the way to go. The wand of the dupe is even the same shape as the higher end wand.

my favorite mascara

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Thanks for reading! I hope this helped to answer the questions some of y’all have about my lashes and my favorite mascara’s! Let me know if you use any of these or start using them. I would love to know how they work for y’all! For more beauty posts click here!
my favorite mascara
Disclaimer: All of these opinions are my own. Some results that I have using these products may be totally different for you. There are also affiliate links on this page. That means if you click the link I may make a small commission.

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