How To Make a Wooden Sign With A Frame

DIY projects are some of my absolute favorite things to do. I refuse to buy cliche wooden signs from places like Hobby Lobby or other home decor stores. So I figure why not make my own!? As some of my readers know, I run my own small business called Sassafrass Paintings where I specialize in canvas paintings and wooden signs. I recently started making signs with wooden frames around them. I wanted to give a step by step guide on how to build these signs for whoever was interestedĀ šŸ¤—

Prep Work

To get started, I went to Lowes and picked out the wood that I would need. I bought a big 1/2″ sheet of plywood. I also bought a few pieces of wood that were 1″ x 1/2″ that I would cut down to make the frame. Then, I used my jigsaw to cut the wood and then sanded all of the pieces down. Once I had the wood measured and cut, this is what I was left with

How to make a wooden sign with frame

Paint and Stain

I knew that I wanted the background of the sign to be white and the frame to be dark to contrast well with the background. My absolute favorite brand of wood stain is Minwax, it dries down quickly and evenly and stains the wood the most beautiful color, as you can see from the close up photo. I just used a cheap paintbrush and stained the 4 sides separately and then I recruited my little sister to help paint the background. I just used a cheap white craft paint that I found at Walmart and it took two coats but looked great after those coats dried.How to make a wooden sign with frameHow to make a wooden sign with frameHow to make a wooden sign with frame How to make a wooden sign with frame How to make a wooden sign with frame


For all of my signs, I use my own handwriting. No stencils or cheat sheets here. I know some people like the security of using a stencil so I do not look down on those who do, I just pride myself in knowing everything I make is personal and slightly imperfect. For this sign, as it was my first, I wanted to just stick with something basic so I decided to paint the word Blessed in black paint on the white board. I do measure out where I am going to be painting and do a practice sketch in pencil just to be sure everything fits and goes where it needs to. I just used a cheap craft paint and I was happy with how it turned out.

How to make a wooden sign with frame

Assembling Your Sign

This part for me was an absolute disaster. The weather outside was freezing and rainy, so my stain seemed like it was dry. However the more I handled it the more I learned that was not the case. The stain was smudging all over my hands. My nail gun nails were way too small to assemble my sign so I had to hammer each nail individually. AND my side pieces of the frame were too long so I had to recut the background before I could assemble it. Anything that could go wrong seemed to be going wrong. But I persevered, I put the frame together and nailed it in place. This was the final result

How to make a wooden sign with frame

I really LOVE the look of these signs and am happy for how it turned out, considering it was my first time. I learned ALOT and now I know what not to do for my next project. This was a practice sign that was going to sit in my room however my mom ended up loving it. So, I let her have it and she hung it up on the wall in our house. Gotta love moms, they’re always so encouraging of their children’s projectsĀ šŸ˜‚

How to make a wooden sign with frame

Was this blog post helpful for any of yall? I would LOVE to see the signs you end up creating if you follow along with this post. Send me pictures if you end up DIYing your own sign! Talk again soon!

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  1. Michele rivera

    November 22, 2017 at 8:08 am

    So cute!
    I made a wood cookie for Adrian. I found the hardest part was the writing. I like my writing but wondered what type of rush or pen you used?

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