Too Many Projects

Those who follow me on my social media accounts know that I want to do it ALL. I want to have a hand in everything and I want to do everything myself (insert eyeroll emoji). So of course I decided to start my own business, Sassafrass Paintings. But that wasn’t enough, I also decided to start a makeup youtube channel with my sister called Sisterhood of Beauty. Trying to manage the beginnings of a want-to-be-successful influencer account for one project while also taking custom orders from people for another project started to get very hectic. So I had the GENIUS idea to take on yet another project and start a blog 🙂

This blog was created for the sole purpose of being my one spot to keep everything together and your one stop place to see everything from art, to makeup to fashion posts (& yes, me doing fashion posts?? why not try it out and see what happens, ha). So this blog will include everything recent from Sassafrass Paintings and Sisterhood of Beauty AND will also be a place for me to post random other blog posts about different areas of life, because I have always wanted to become a blogger 😉 So here I go! Thanks so much for joining me here, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

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