Wedding Wednesday – The Venue

Any of my girls planning a wedding or who have already gotten married? Did you use a venue that has never held a wedding before? That is what we are doing. Now the people who own the property have held a mock wedding there before. And they do know what they are doing, BUT they have never held a real wedding before. And I am the kind of person who is 100% okay with that.

The Homestead: Wedding & Events Venue
Image taken from The Homestead Facebook Page

The venue is gorgeous. There is a large brick house located on a lot of land with a pond out front. The owners of the venue live in that house, and their daughter Kailee and her husband live next door. She offered to let me and my bridesmaids stay the night in her house and use it the next day to get ready. I think its so awesome that she is willing to do that, that way we don’t have to worry about travel on the day of the wedding. We are planning to have the ceremony right at the edge of the pond. And then having our reception in the big grassy area to the left of the house, also on the edge of the pond. The ceremony will be right around sunset when the sun is setting over the pond. And our reception will start around dusk and last into the night.

The Homestead: Wedding & Events Venue
Image taken from The Homestead Facebook Page

Kailee has been beyond helpful so far in this process and she has been taking care of all the logistics so far. She also sees my vision for my wedding day and knows exactly how to help me transform the property into something magical. I am beyond excited to decorate the venue and get photos from the big day that I can share with you all. The owners of the venue will also be providing a tent for the reception as well as chairs for 100 people, all included in the price. I really appreciate their efforts in making sure that our day goes as smoothly as it can!

For some brides, hearing that the venue you want has never hosted a wedding before can be pretty intimidating. But I am here to tell you to trust your gut. If you think that the owners of the venue know what they’re doing and they seem genuinely excited and invested in your big day, then go for it! We have received nothing but huge support from Kailee and her family. And that is one of the main reasons I decided to take on this journey with them. I know with all of us working together, we will make this wedding a truly special event and I am so. excited. Now, I am going to encourage you to go check out The Homestead’s Facebook Page to check out their pictures and give them a like! I can’t wait for y’all to see pictures from our big day and hopefully you will fall in love with The Homestead too. Maybe you could fall in love with it enough to use them as a venue for your special event 🙂

I also have something exciting to tell y’all. Mine and Bennett’s proposal story was added onto the How He Asked website! You can read the story by clicking here!

Bennett’s Corner


PS, we have had multiple people ask where we are registered. I am not planning on creating a wedding website because, hello, welcome to my own website 😉 Anyways we have registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Belk. You should be able to click on those links and it will take you right to our registry! I hope yall are enjoying my Wedding Wednesday posts, I sure am enjoying writing them! If you’re interested in previous posts you can read about our proposal or our engagement photos. A little explanation about the Bennett’s Corner section: he is always complaining about how I don’t include him in my blog posts. So I told him I would give him his own section to give a little bit of whatever. He decided to make his presence known in this post. Hopefully he will have more to say in the future? Who knows. But we will talk soon!

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