Wedding Wednesday – We’re Engaged! Now What?!

Bennett proposed to me on Saturday night and it was the most magical night I could have ever imagined! Unfortunately, I am already overwhelming myself and its only been 4 days since the engagement. Go figure.

How It Happened

So for those of you that know Bennett and I, you know two things. One, I have been waiting for him to propose for forever and have NOT been patient about it. And two, he was adamant about the fact it wasn’t happening any time soon. Well number two ended up being false! Bennett planned the whole thing without me having a clue for about a month. I was completely oblivious while he talked with both our families, bought the ring, and planned the proposal. So on December 16th I was told that I was going to a family Christmas event with some of my moms family. I invited Bennett, and had no idea I was inviting him to his own engagement party.

Earlier that day we spent the entire day with his family and everyone played it cool and I was clueless. So we said “bye” to his family as they were apparently heading back to Easley and I was going to my family Christmas thing. We arrive at the clubhouse and I see my parents cars and everything seems normal. I walked into the building first with Bennett right behind me and the first thing I see in the middle of the big open room are big golden balloons that spell out B & E. Surrounding the balloons were mine and Bennetts entire families and closest friends. I was initially confused and turned around to ask him what was going on and as soon as I turned around, he was down on a knee. The funny part about this is that Bennett apparently had a long speech planned out but he “cracked under pressure” (his words). And all that came out was “Elaine will you marry me?” It was perfect and of course I said yes.

The Ring

I have had an idea of what ring I wanted for EVER. Literally I would randomly send pictures of it to Bennett just so he wouldn’t forget. (Yes I was that annoying). So he took my vision and ran with it. He contacted a lady through a recommendation from one of our already married friends, told her what I wanted, and she custom made the ring. When I say its perfect, I mean it. My ring is P E R F E C T (for me 😊). He did a great job and I have gotten all kinds of compliments telling me how good of a job he did and how classy the ring is.

Im really proud of Bennett, he took this very seriously and would always tell me this isn’t something that you skimp on because he only plans on doing it once in his life. The band is made of rose gold (my favorite metal) and hold a white gold four prong setting. In the setting is a beautiful 1.3 carat diamond that sparkles so bright. I can’t help looking down at my hand and realizing just how much I love Bennett and how excited I am to marry him!

Now What?

So because I have been waiting on this for a while, I have mentally planned out a few things in my head. Our families have gone into full wedding planning mode since we got engaged. But it is way more than I could have ever imagined. I was literally crying last night to Bennett because I am already stressed out over how much things for a wedding costs. Im talking thousands of dollars for a photographer, what?? He, of course, reminded me that there is nothing to be stressed over and everything will work itself out. When you’re the kind of person who wants to get everything done and do everything yourself, its hard not to stress. If theres one thing I have learned already its to not put too much stress on yourself right away. Take it easy, everything will work itself out for your perfect day.

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I am wanting to do these Wedding Wednesday posts, probably not EVERY week but frequently. I want to do them so I can take y’all on the wedding planning journey with me! So be on the lookout for more posts to come. We’ll talk soon 😘

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